Burn by fire !

Becareful ! Do Not Let your Kid, Children Take HOT WATER – or go near Fire – This will happen – Be Responsible to your children – Thanks Teo Sin Yee provide us this info =

Criss Angel magic trick

Freaky but cool trick by Criss Angel :- www.youtube.com/chrisweeks101 ::: coin trick – u think this is “Freaky but cool trick” by Criss Angel —- i dont think so – i think this is “hurt” – can calculate this as ‘unknown’ ? how u think ?

How Begger Create Open Wounds‏

1. Material – red ink, cotton pad,white glue, tooth pick (tiny sticks). cotton wool, if no red ink you can use animal blood. 2. Use white glue o create the wound surrounding. 3. Wait for the glue to dry. 4. Use tooth pick to create the wound area. 5. Use a dishwasher pad to spread… Read More