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日本女性整容范本TOP10 Japanese Plastic Surgery Beauty (10Pics)

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Incredible of fruit surface

Really amazing for the guy. He use the surface of the fruit to create kinds of animals. Cool!!! Lion standing on a rock, A little bit like Lion King movie Dragon? Chinese believe the existence of dragon yet he can make it out. What is this? Pig? Dog?

Roads in Africa‏

Don’t play play in Africa o! Africa is not a place to run anywhere we like, especially somewhere near forest. If they really attack, what would happen? The car crash? or the tiger die? Heavy trunk, the elephant says. Animal’s house.

Only happen in Malaysia

Malaysia has really a lot different compare with other countries, Different life-style and cultural for example underneath photo, Astro build on the car, how different are they?! Pondok Polis destroyed by teenage , shouldn’t police are the one who guide them? Selling chicken beside the road? or they try to roast the duck? Broken BM… Read More


肯德基 KFC – Chicken

有些时候,一提肯德基,我真的控制不住自己的情绪.在这里,我只是以一种十分客观的态度把肯德基的一些内幕告诉大家,只希望每个华人…能真正认识肯得基.我慢慢说我的经历吧. 本人是个在外漂泊的大学生,说来惭愧,在外也认识了不少朋友.我的一个朋友的父亲是香港银行的一个高层领导,他和美国的肯德基之间有些合作的关系,一次高层领导之间的互访使我朋友的父亲有幸参观了肯德基的鸡厂,