3D Paper Carft

Bert Simons用3D建模的方式创作的3D真人纸塑。 第一步是建立三维模型,Bert会在模特脸上放置很多采集点,将采集的数据导入开源的3D软件Blender。再把三维的模型分解输入到二维的平面,纸张或其他材质。最后,将所有部分拼贴起来,形成3D立体的真人纸塑。 你想要“你”的立体真人纸塑吗?

When You addicted in COMPUTER / ONLINE

When You addicted in COMPUTER / ONLINE – Wife : Not Tonight . Din’t you get my email ? 老婆:今晚不能。 难道你没有收到我的邮件吗? Your Baby is developing very nicely. Would you like to send him an “email” ? 你的宝宝发育得很好 , 你要不要电邮他? Dear Andy : How have you been ? Your mother and I are fine . We… Read More

are u willing – gobald

are u willing to go bald for children who got cancer – This year is the 2nd year to have this special activity. Kids Cancer Exhibition: 10-15 May 2010 Go Bald Day: 16 May 2010 Let support this if you have the courage to Go Bald. If not, please support the donation for the society…. Read More

14 feelings for a person going to die

美国著名心理学家雷蒙德穆迪博士在研究过150个濒死体验者(经历过“临床死亡”后复生的人)的案例之后,试图为人们揭开死亡真相。 尽管濒死体验发生的情境,以及亲历该种体验的个人性格都有着巨大的差别,但需要肯定的是,在这些人“濒死体验”的陈述中,存在着不可忽视的相似性--大体归纳为14条,他们是按照感受出现的先后次序排列的。 U.S. psychologist Dr雷蒙德穆迪study were 150 near-death experience (experienced “clinical death” after the resuscitation of persons) of the case after the death of trying to kick the truth to people. Despite the near-death experience occurred in situations, as well as the experience of the individual experience of the character have a huge difference, but… Read More


You are who you are 不要轻看自己的能力…


from cliquee

Beautiful Graffiti Art

Here are some beautiful graffiti of Ukranian fairy-tales on the walls of the city. These are some of the interesting and unique Brazilian graffiti found on street walls. And finally we have graffiti from the walls of Israel/Palestine.

Mixed Links & Images

Heineken Pool: Perfect for Parties Chrome Ferrari: Knitted Tree: Is this art? Can you believe that these are penguins: Scissors, by Roadsworth: Creativity: 21-leaf clover: Superconductor electric vehicle: Sumitomo Electric has developed what is being called the world’s first automobile powered by a super conducting motor. Link. Eco-Cooker: Use Cooking Water and Fuel Two-Fold: