Rainbow Man | 彩虹人

彩虹人 | Rainbow Man

The Rainbow Man was brought to my attention indirectly by all those people with John3:16 signs. Then Andrew E pointed out that the Rainbow Man was the originator and an attention whore crazy to boot. Thanks guys for making me Google what the crap was going on.

Rollen Stewart, or the Rainbow man, was a pop culture phenomenon in the late 70’s and early 80’s known for sporting a Halloween afro wig while holding up the first ever John 3:16 signs. Rollen

Originally a publicity stunt meant to enrage producers and players, the Rainbow Man became a victim of his own propaganda and became a “born again” Christian. Which, as we all know, take the fun out of everything.

Convinced to “get his message” across, Stewart slowly descended into madness; getting arrested at the 1980 Moscow Olympics, attacking promienet places of business with stink bombs and finally taking a hotel maid hostage which resulted in a standoff with police as the Rainbow Man shrieked that the Rapture was nigh in six days time.

Rollen Stewart is currently serving three consecutive life sentences for that last bit of crazy. On the up side, he became the subject of the 1997 documentary Rainbow Man by Sam Green and thus completed the circle of pop culture life.

[[彩虹男子]] 让我们都注意间接所有这些人与John3 : 16的迹象。然后安德鲁é指出彩虹男子发端和关注妓女疯狂启动。 由于家伙让我谷歌什么废话事情。


原来宣传此事激怒意味着生产者和球员,彩虹人成为受害者,他自己的宣传,并成为“重生”的基督徒。 我们都知道,在快乐的一切。

深信,以“明白他的意思”全面,斯图尔特慢慢陷入疯狂;越来越被捕, 1980年莫斯科奥运会,攻击promienet的营业地的臭弹,并最终以酒店服务员为人质,导致与警方对峙的彩虹人尖叫该提的是近6天时间。



cool picture


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how about this … if you are the one who stand in there … what would you act?


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MONKS in Today's China

選美佳麗去寺廟參觀 * Beauty Contestants are welcome in temples

和尚也交女朋友 * Monk can have girlfriend

上海靜安寺的尼姑,漂亮到爆燈,有沒有搞錯 … Shanghai nun; what a beauty

和尚踢足球,尼姑 ­ 怞 b 旁邊加油 … Monks play football as Nuns watch…

和尚打電動 … Monks go for electronic games

和尚吃肯德雞… Monks can even enjoy KFC’s

和尚上 ­x 訓課 … … Monks go for Military training!!

和尚也上網… 玩網路遊戲 … Monks browse & play video games on line

和尚與名車… Monks own porsh cars!!

和尚也炒股… Monks invest in stock markets

和尚也玩起衝鋒槍 * Monks opt for weapon training!!


Here are the two advertisements that had been banned from HongKong Government –
Different Country Different ‘Limitation’ / Law –

::: 香港搞笑/静止播放的广告… HONGKONG “BANG” tV advertisement

::: 此乃林志玲最大膽的一次,為”唐安麒美胸瘦身專門店”拍的廣告