如何才能算得上-装帅? (搞笑)

男人在女人耍帅。 男生要如何下才能吸引女生,以下的招数不妨可以试试。 这真的是超级搞笑的… 哈哈哈哈哈… 你们看了过后分享分享一下…

Rainbow Man | 彩虹人

彩虹人 | Rainbow Man The Rainbow Man was brought to my attention indirectly by all those people with John3:16 signs. Then Andrew E pointed out that the Rainbow Man was the originator and an attention whore crazy to boot. Thanks guys for making me Google what the crap was going on. Rollen Stewart, or the… Read More

cool picture

what a bird get shit ?! is this picture for advertisement ? seem before – this is a good picture and good edit /. what a plane crash – how about this … if you are the one who stand in there … what would you act? i can’t imagine how he doing this ?… Read More

computer man ?~

wah— feel so so so so so -=— dont know how to explain it — i think it was really “pain” while wearing all the thing / equipment on the body – rite ?

MONKS in Today's China

選美佳麗去寺廟參觀 * Beauty Contestants are welcome in temples 和尚也交女朋友 * Monk can have girlfriend 上海靜安寺的尼姑,漂亮到爆燈,有沒有搞錯 … Shanghai nun; what a beauty 和尚踢足球,尼姑 ­ 怞 b 旁邊加油 … Monks play football as Nuns watch… 和尚打電動 … Monks go for electronic games 和尚吃肯德雞… Monks can even enjoy KFC’s 和尚上 ­x 訓課 … 咦 … Monks go for… Read More

18 SX Joke


Here are the two advertisements that had been banned from HongKong Government – Different Country Different ‘Limitation’ / Law – ::: 香港搞笑/静止播放的广告… HONGKONG “BANG” tV advertisement ::: 此乃林志玲最大膽的一次,為”唐安麒美胸瘦身專門店”拍的廣告