Firefox Bus at china中国的搜狐公车巴士



看看那里的周围环境,应该也会觉得 ‘不可能’吧?

其实这些照片也是网上的有心人搞怪的。PHOTOSHOP 软件搞得事情 。


就连‘Microsoft office bus 也被网友拿来搞。。。。

看起来真的是超级的’真‘ – 你觉得如何呢?

不知到这有是否是一张 ‘乱搞’ 的照片呢?

prank in office

This is what might happen if you go on a vacation & you have creative colleagues who have some extra time to spare on their hands & lots of energy & zeal to express their creativity.

Here we have a post-it notes prank.

This is the one for golf lovers.

Here we got ‘Cups O Water’ which involves covering floor & every other stable flat surface using the plastic cups.

Another one using balloons.


Greenery on keyboard for nature lovers.

use of newspaper!

Here we have a prank using the paper cups which needs to be stapled close to the rim (each cup to the ones on each side, so they are all attached) & fill each cup as full as possible get it – surface tension full – with water.

Here we got paper wrapped office.

Prank using popcorns.

Santa Claus is coming.

Easter Basket Cube.

Its looking like they read or watch lots of detective stuff.

Now here we have prank using tissue papers.

the whole office rapped up in tin foil laptop / system, table, chair, phone & every other thing.

Red Bull - London UK (3) 2

Some Cool Looking Offices

Red Bull – London UK

Red Bull - London UK (3) 2
Red Bull - London UK (3) 1
Red Bull - London UK (3) 3This Soho based London HQ of Red Bull looks really cool. It features slides, just in case if you want to make it fast, has a circular table tennis, just in case if you want to have a set in between the meets. Apart from these, the place gives a rich & pleasant look.

Google Zurich Offices.

Google Zurich Offices (3) 1(Image: Credit).

Google Zurich Offices (3) 2
Google Zurich Offices (3) 3This is office of one of the most powerful companies on earth which features slides, thinking gondolas, meditation bathtubs, pool tables, & many more thing.

The Office:

The Office (2) 1
The Office (2) 2The office is located in San Francisco & the designing looks quite good.

Microsoft HQ:

Microsoft HQ (3) 1
Microsoft HQ (3) 2
Microsoft HQ (3) 3Located in Redmond, Washington, & its here where over 30,000 of their employees work. The mural in the lunch area is pretty & so does the lake. Apart from these, the kitchen looks great, & there’s football & a pool table, & the seating seams to be comfortable.

Pixar HQ:

Pixar HQ (2) 1
Pixar HQ (2) 2This is the headquarters of animation company Pixar, in Emeryville, CA. It has a very large campus & the place looks quite comfortable.

Danone Waters:

Danone Waters (3) 1
Danone Waters (3) 2
Danone Waters (3) 3The Klein Dytham designed Danone Waters office in Tokyo & used water as a theme. Thousands of empty plastic bottles have been strung using wires extending from floor to ceiling arranged into dividing walls & it looks quite good.

TBWA Office:

TBWA Office (3) 1
TBWA Office (3) 2
TBWA Office (3) 3TBWA office located in downtown Tokyo looks recreational & the designer is again Klein Dytham.

Pallotta Teamworks:

Pallotta Teamworks (3) 1
Pallotta Teamworks (3) 2
Pallotta Teamworks (3) 3Pallotta Teamworks’ headquarters are located in LA, all the offices & work houses have been constructed using recycled materials.