爆笑詐騙電話….一定要看喔(哈哈哈…) 一定要講得比歹徒還毒的話 讓他無法接招 昨天接到一個不認識的電話,不像本土口音,上來就直呼我的名字! 「王總!」 「你是誰呀?」 「你的老朋友啊」 「誰呀?」 「台東的老朋友啦,連我的聲音你都聽不出來了?」 「你是?」 「哎呀,王總你貴人多忘事啊」

Calling in FLood ?

Great!! Who will ever think of call someone when facing flood.

Flat, black and all that

Since Apple’s iPhone was such a runaway success, the entire mobile phone industry has been playing catch-up with the pocket wonder. Jonathan Ive’s (Apple’s Chief of Design) minimal flat black screen design has instantly become a gadget icon and seems to be the inevitable future of mobile phone designs for everyone looking to grab market… Read More