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Firefox Bus at china中国的搜狐公车巴士

这是中国内地的搜狐(firefox)的广告宣传。。。 不知道这些照片的可信度是多少呢? 看看那里的周围环境,应该也会觉得 ‘不可能’吧? 其实这些照片也是网上的有心人搞怪的。PHOTOSHOP 软件搞得事情 。 然而不单只有FIREFOX的内地广告。 就连‘Microsoft office bus 也被网友拿来搞。。。。 看起来真的是超级的’真‘ – 你觉得如何呢? 不知到这有是否是一张 ‘乱搞’ 的照片呢?


Drive but don’t talk

The tag line: “Don’t talk while he drives”. Yup this is an outdoor advertising campaign using disturbing photography to shock people out of talking to their friends and families on the phone while they are driving. Men and women are shown grimacing as blood spurts out from their telephones. This advertising is done by Bangalore… Read More

The Most Creative Uses of Escalators

The Most Creative Uses of Escalators in Advertising Campaigns Juice Salon : Hairstyles Stabilo : the Non-stop Escalator HopiHari Theme Park : Have fun at Hopi Hari’s rollercoaster Consol Energy : America would have 50% less electricity if our coal miners didn’t make this trip every day- Duracel Pizza Kingdom : Want extra cheese pizza?… Read More

Amazing Shot!

Photos that are hard to taken but I do believe some of the photos are edit through PhotoShop. Did you ever seen grasshopper poss that kind? Weird. I love that mummy, protecting the babies. Touching. Eagle and the [liko] fish. Squirrel tired. Snake and the bird, i was get the information that this picture is… Read More

Style of photo taking

No doubt, there is a lot of photo taking style. To capture a good quality image is not only concern on what type of camera you use but also the way of taking photo (Style). On car model show ? shoot photo like this ? wah — 跪下来拍照? but stomach ? got earthquake ? taking… Read More

Torches and a long exposure

Taken by world-renowned light graffiti artist, Michael Bosanko at UK. He creates flowers in the Botanical Gardens using just torches and a long exposure.

Calling in FLood ?

Great!! Who will ever think of call someone when facing flood.

creative photo

Creative Photos. These are some of the creative photographs by Chema Madoz. Some of these are really amazing as it reflects creativity in the photographs that are made sometimes from ordinary household objects but are presented with a perspective which isn’t generally looked at.