HollowMan from china

Liu Bolin, 36-year-old . Artist From China =

10 Hours for a picture taking / make up / color himself –

Road Block

i can’t really get where he is …

take few second to find out where is he –

with a train

with a flag ~

this is really scary =.= !

if it is middle of the night . what whould u think ?

Picture Credit – from – http://www.galeriebertin.fr/

Daddy and childhood snail

Conversation between daddy snail and his child.

The first picture: Snail Daddy ask his child, ‘what are the things that you does not know how to do?’
The second picture: The child answer his daddy, ‘In this world, there is two things that I does not how to do.’
Third picture : Snail Daddy answer, ‘owh, really? Then what are the two things that you does not how to do.’
Forth picture : The child answer, ‘ I do not know how to do “this” and how to do “that.”‘ And snail daddy get mad after that.

First picture : Little Girl’s snail looking at result ‘Piggy got 30 marks, Xiao Wen got 20 marks …..’
Second picture : Little Guy’s snail interrupt ‘I got 0 mark’
Third picture : Little Girl’s snail answering that she also get zero mark.Hmm
Forth picture : The little Guy answer, both of us get the same mark, what can we do? I am afraid that teacher will keep an eye on us saying we are cheating.

First picture : Niu Niu, answer Papa. One plus one equals to what ar?(1 + 1=?). The child answer, I don’t know.
Second picture : The daddy corrected him that ‘Is two, you stupid. Do you understand now?’
Third picture : Ok then, I ask the 2nd question. You and me, how much will be the amount if both of us added up?
Forth picture : The child answer : ‘Two stupid people.

First picture : What kind of wife will you marry in the future?
Second picture : My grandmother care for me usually, so I want my grandmother to become my wife.
Third picture : Don’t be guff child, how can my mother become your wife?
Forth picture : If then, how can my mother become your wife?

First picture : Every student please use the word of intent to make a sentence.
Second picture : You are the one the most beautiful and marvelous lady.
Third picture : Thanks, but where is teh word of intent??
Forth picture : I do hope, today I can reach home earlier.

First picture : The mother asking her son ‘Do you love your sister??’. ‘No, I don’t love my sister because you keep on carry her.
Second picture : Mother replied ‘Then, Isin’t it good, if I sold off your little sister?’. The son replied her mom instantly ‘No!’
Third picture : Mother ask ‘ Why ?’
Forth picture : Wait her grown up, then we sold her off because can earn more money.

First picture : The questin for this year exam ” Black receipt and white receipt”
Second picture : Oh No. How I wanna write in english? Is really want my life.
Third picture : When niu niu meet black and white receipt, black receipt ask ‘Can you speak Chinese?’, and black receipt answer ‘Yes, of course’
Forth picture : Hahahaha, by using this way, I am able to write chinese le lo..~~

First picture : How can you get 0 for first time test?
Second picture : Teacher says we should learn everything start from zero.

Amazing Shot!

Photos that are hard to taken but I do believe some of the photos are edit through PhotoShop.

Did you ever seen grasshopper poss that kind? Weird.

I love that mummy, protecting the babies.


Eagle and the [liko] fish.

Squirrel tired.

Snake and the bird, i was get the information that this picture is edited through photoshop.


The giraffe looks great.b

Is the monkey wanna take some picture? or wanna destroy the camera


I think they ready to training how to swim.


Was photoshoped

Friendly deer

The cat is annoying


Is a drawing. owl appear at night


Cute for the camera man, how can they take this view.

The mama too fat

Style of photo taking

No doubt, there is a lot of photo taking style.
To capture a good quality image is not only concern on what type of camera you use but also the way of taking photo (Style).

On car model show ? shoot photo like this ?

wah — 跪下来拍照? but stomach ?

got earthquake ?

taking an insect’s picture ?

hahaha — what he is doing ? on your mark ? get set go ——– shooooootttt

Cute bud!



Look at 2 of the photographer …

Cute Bud >  but the leg ? -.- ~

how about this ? funny ? hahahaha — i think so .

Practicing Kong-FU?

Act like grasshopper? but what they take ?

phone calling also can be so modeling a …

mmmmm…. this is nothing ?

but this is too fat ? some how , the camera seem too small for him …

shoot on shooting —-

hahaha — what he taking ? animal ? or monkey ?

Look at his panty!!!

hahahaha — anywrong with this picture ?

guess ?  —- and comment ? hahahaha —

thanks — Richael forward mail –


cool picture


what a bird get shit ?!

is this picture for advertisement ? seem before –


this is a good picture and good edit /.


what a plane crash –


how about this … if you are the one who stand in there … what would you act?


i can’t imagine how he doing this ? purposely ? or ?


this is a good shot .  i think camera man take longtime for waiting just to take this picture .


how about this ?


this is awesome ~

Dream Vs Reality (7) 1

Dream Vs Reality

Dream Vs Reality.

Beautiful & creative ideas using Photoshop which depicts a wide range of emotions. From the grandma who wanted to be young again to the cat that wished it was a dog & few others. The creator of this set of photos did good work & made an excellent try to get a human & emotional touch to the series. Neat.

Dream Vs Reality (7) 1
Dream Vs Reality (7) 2
Dream Vs Reality (7) 3
Dream Vs Reality (7) 6
Dream Vs Reality (7) 5
Dream Vs Reality (7) 4
Dream Vs Reality (7) 7