fun with toilet paper

Creativity with toilet paper.

Toilet paper for the rich: these toilet papers come in four gorgeous colors, which are said to be soft & silky. Apart from this the cost to make it feel special: in gift packages of three for $15 to $20 compared to a regular pack of six wrapped in plastic retails for $ 13 to $ 15.

Another interesting one

With this Sudoku toilet paper all you need to do is to keep a pen on the back of your toilet.

A great way to get back at some one in a humorous way as this toilet paper is the only toilet paper that will not tear!

Another one of the funny toilet paper

prank in office

This is what might happen if you go on a vacation & you have creative colleagues who have some extra time to spare on their hands & lots of energy & zeal to express their creativity.

Here we have a post-it notes prank.

This is the one for golf lovers.

Here we got ‘Cups O Water’ which involves covering floor & every other stable flat surface using the plastic cups.

Another one using balloons.


Greenery on keyboard for nature lovers.

use of newspaper!

Here we have a prank using the paper cups which needs to be stapled close to the rim (each cup to the ones on each side, so they are all attached) & fill each cup as full as possible get it – surface tension full – with water.

Here we got paper wrapped office.

Prank using popcorns.

Santa Claus is coming.

Easter Basket Cube.

Its looking like they read or watch lots of detective stuff.

Now here we have prank using tissue papers.

the whole office rapped up in tin foil laptop / system, table, chair, phone & every other thing.