Vibram Five Finger Shoes 2011

Vibram’s FiveFingers line of foot-glove shoes has taken off this year like gangbusters. Here some photograph is preview of the 2011 line, where the company will expand on its road running collection with the Bikila LS model. It has an off-center speed lacing system and a new type of sole.

Vibram FiveFingers Bikila LS
Close-up of the Bikila LS sole

FiveFingers KomodoSport
FiveFingers Jaya

Also, latest news: In 2011, Vibram will be launching its first-ever FiveFingers children’s collection. but sadly no pics available for the kiddie foot-gloves yet.

NO such shoes!

If this kind of shoes really appear in market, will you buy and wear it?
Whose idea is this?
Do let me know if anyone of you knew who is the designer.
Anyway, have to admit his/her talent too for having such idea.
Using fish as our shoes? rats? human legs?
Imagine! you go to anywhere you think you can be, just name it. Every once you talk to someone then a stench smell approach to you or the one who talking to you.
How you feel ?!

Imagine! Shoes provide your leg safety and comfortable surface rather than you step on the earth sense the temperature of earth!
Take the ‘fish’s’ shoes for example.. your sole feel cool, and smooth and your nose enjoying the smell?!!


Shoes of fish!

Shoes of Asian’s leg

Shoes of Mat Salleh’s leg

Shoes of rats

switzerlander shoes

WENGER – makers of the Swiss Army Knife brand have expanded once into many arenas including time pieces, apparel, home cutlery and luggage. Well they added one more tool to their multi-functional portfolio. Their new line of casual/athletic shoes just might turn out to be a new addition to my lust list. Their first few designs are sleek, minimal and tastefully adorned with the Swiss Army logo. Hard to stay neutral over.

[ Via: Design Crack ]

Nat-2 Interchangeable Duo Function Shoe (6) 1

Interchangeable Duo Function Shoe.

The sneakers with a zipper, when unzipped the sneaker transforms into slippers, quite an interesting idea. Perhaps this was whats needed in the shoe market which requires creativity to quite an extent. This is something which smartly fits in for travelling and into everybody’s limited urban space. It was while packing for a trip, sneaker-biz experienced Stephen Yeung got an idea and it was the meeting with Matthias & Sebastian Thies from K&T which was the key-point to create a whole new range out of the idea. There were quite a few changes to optimize Nat -2 as what we see it today.

Nat-2 Interchangeable Duo Function Shoe (6) 1

Save the Studs

No we are not talking about saving horny horses or Richard Gere circa 1980. “Cleatskins” are basically Crocs with a friggin’ purpose other than to offend those with taste. Intended as a quick slip on protector for athletic shoes used in football, futball, baseball and golf. Greatly extending the lifespan of the spikes, cleats or studs found on the bottom of all these shoes. They also help to keep dirt and grass from tracking into your car or home. Made from SKINTEK rubber, a formulation of compression molded rubber, and come in two designs – pull-over and slip-on. They come in tons of team matching colors and will retail for about 35 US green backs. Remember: my favorite sporting teams are always better than yours. Go Team!

Designer: Rick Kay [ Product Page ] [ Via: Gizmag ]

Sneakart Lets Your Customize Your Kicks

Sneakart has launched a revolutionary sneaker customization concept for footwear enthusiasts. Using new ’sneakskin’ technology, sneakart has created a simple and cost-effective way to change the look of your sneakers with a minimum of fuss. Sneakskin is a type of sticker film that you can apply to shoes like an ordinary sticker and it will flex and move as though part of the leather.

With a huge range of premium pattern designs and stickers, you can change your sneakers to look however you want while keeping them looking factory fresh. If you have an artistic streak, you can even upload your own artwork and receive it to apply to your own sneakers in a matter of days.

To experience this new way of sneaker customization, visit their website and browse stickers and patterns to see how they would appear on shoes of different sizes. Upload your own artwork for production on sneakskin, share photos of your customized shoes and much more. Sneakart also ships worldwide for a flat rate.

Sneakart Ltd is a innovative sneaker customization business based in the UK and founded by ex-adidas and Puma designers. Using quality artwork and our revolutionary ’sneakskin’ material, we design and produce state-of-the-art patterns and stickers for application onto trainers and sneakers.

To promote sustainability, we also want to encourage the re-use of old footwear that can be given new life with the use of our product.