Most Funny Soap Dispensers?

This is the Soap Dispensers that i dint aspect from .

all the ‘maker’ are really creative , let take a look at it …

::: we wouldn’t wash our hands with this one!

::: Bear soap dispenser.

::: Cat soap dispenser.

::: Cute

::: So, -ho-soap dispensers.

::: Fawn soap dispenser

::: Gojo soap dispenser has this different look.

::: Lantern soap dispenser.

::: Sponge bob soap dispenser.

::: Another dispenser from star series.

::: Lion King soap dispenser.

::: Would you like this to be a part of your bathroom wares? We definitely wont want it.

Gift soaps

Gift soaps are nice but their beauty and smell degrades with use which leads to most people never using them, to try and preserve the gift. What if Gift Soap really did contain a gift? Like a box of cracker jacks, use the soap to reach the special object in the middle. Clever.

Designer: Yoon Kuk Hyun