Amazing Staircases‏

Here is the design of the picture “staircase”

Where should i step =

Save a lot of space –

It’s an ingenious way to store books that allow the tenants to access a previously unused loft space while also creating a library for their book collection making it easy to see all the titles, and every each stair allows the book browser to take a seat while perusing the selection.

The stairs is designed for unusual approach to problem solving. The stairs showing that construct with continuous strips of hot-rolled steel. These fluid and eye-catching stairs certainly do the job.

For people living in super tight spaces, these steep and narrow stairs occupy a space hardly bigger than a closet, and are made of economical pine boxes.

staircase with Rainbow color =

Watch out – You may fall down-

Shiok – this is just awesome –

Save money by purchasing standalone flat-pack stairs that double as storage furniture. where creative landlords fit more people into a flat by making use of the high ceilings.

This staircase build just like a door –=–

This one make me confusing –

Thanks , Reference from:- Staircase design