有一天, 有一帮年轻人来到一间麻麻摊吃粥。老伯伯面带笑容,问到:“年轻人, 要不要试一试我的粥品小食?”。性格开朗的老伯伯很快的跟这帮年轻人打成一片,无所不谈。 在那班年轻人当中,有人好奇地问:“老伯的智慧盖世,那我想问你,你知道全世界最多女人的地方在哪里吗?是在妓院里吗? 老伯爽口回答:“年轻人啊~全世界最多女人的地方不再妓女院。”众人就静下心绞尽脑经思考老伯的这番话。 老伯笑道:“哈哈~年轻人啊~老伯就告诉你们吧!全世界最多女人的地方独中女校, 公共女厕, 公共浴堂和 医院的女护士部门啦。” 年轻人们高呼喊道:“老伯英明,英明,高招!”. 大伙们就开怀大笑起来了。

Toilet’s Sign in overseas

How come humans sometime so clever? Funny toilet’s sign also have different choices. Although is not apply in Malaysia but how come got people use this kind of sign? Are this toilet’s sign to bring joy for people or make people blur?

fun with toilet paper

Creativity with toilet paper. Toilet paper for the rich: these toilet papers come in four gorgeous colors, which are said to be soft & silky. Apart from this the cost to make it feel special: in gift packages of three for $15 to $20 compared to a regular pack of six wrapped in plastic retails… Read More

8 Horrible Jobs

This is the 8 Horrible Jobs to share with you – See this post , because: You think your job is hard, feel difficult ? You think you are the one who jobless? You think your job is ‘so bad’ ? You think your current job is ‘not easy’ as usual ? Felt up of… Read More

Pee-mate for women‏

Let see how a Girl Stand to ‘pee’ ? Women are able stand to pee now. this is good as some public toilet seats are so dirty and unhygienic nowadays in some places. 大家出去野營,或在某些特殊的地方,或是無法找到廁所的地方,這時P-Mate 可以讓女人們輕松解決內急的苦惱,而不需要到處尋找可以解決的隱蔽地方,也不必再下蹲後解決。


Can this be useless ? Designer: Haikun Deng

toilet restaurant

Coming to a neighbourhood near you… Cool, you get to sit on toilets… That’s cute, a toilet shaped eating bowl Ahh geez I’ll pass on that entré mmm icecream coils for dessert