cool picture


what a bird get shit ?!

is this picture for advertisement ? seem before –


this is a good picture and good edit /.


what a plane crash –


how about this … if you are the one who stand in there … what would you act?


i can’t imagine how he doing this ? purposely ? or ?


this is a good shot .  i think camera man take longtime for waiting just to take this picture .


how about this ?


this is awesome ~

Strokkur Geyser (15) 7

trokkur Geyser

trokkur Geyser.

Strokkur is located in the Haukadalur valley, Iceland; its one of Iceland’s largest geysers which is only a few meters away from Geysir (the oldest known geyser). Unlike Geysir, an idle geyser which has an infrequent performance record & may be dormant for years at a time, Strokkur is very reliable & one can see it in action every 5-10 minutes, hurling boiling water to heights of up to 20 metres (70ft) towards the sky. Here are some amazing photos of Strokkur in action.

Strokkur Geyser (15) 7
Strokkur Geyser (15) 12
Strokkur Geyser (15) 14
Strokkur Geyser (15) 8
Strokkur Geyser (15) 9
Strokkur Geyser (15) 13
Strokkur Geyser (15) 3
Strokkur Geyser (15) 4
Strokkur Geyser (15) 5
Strokkur Geyser (15) 1
Strokkur Geyser (15) 10
Strokkur Geyser (15) 11