Only happen in China wedding

Chinese cultural and Malay cultural have a bit similar when come to marriage celebration.
They need to invite their friends and relatives to have meals together as this is their celebration,
Anyway, Chinese and Malays nowadays still practice this cultural but at the same time,
Chinese have move to have meals at restaurant rather than neighbor, relatives and friends come and cook together.

I some how more prefer Malay style thought it really a tired stuff but most important thing is that they bring harmony by knowing each other and their relationship in between brother, sister and friends are more intimate.

Chinese preference are more not to be troublesome, they went for restaurant just to save times by cleaning up all dirt.

Well, happen only at China. They invite their friends and relative to have their wedding celebration and its too astound to have this kind of wedding dinner as their family are rich.

Consequence if you married an Arabian guy

No offense at this post!
Every person have their own cultural background, as Arabian have their cultural for wearing their gown on wedding’s day.


Because in Asia we don’t practice worn like them.

Don’t get mistake whose wife belongs to

Hopefully he not kissing the wrong wife.

Amazing! I was curious how they look for their wife if there is accident happen,
who knows!

Married A Rich Husband

Rich China Man – with long long long car –

how about this ?

nothing different / ?

how about this –

wah – GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  fake or real ?!?!?!?!?!?

SHiOK Man – again —-WALAO ?!

Like this also can ah~?

Scard no People know that Your Are RICH meh ?

when the time you got married ? Are You willing to do that ? try it –