How Begger Create Open Wounds‏

1. Material – red ink, cotton pad,white glue, tooth pick (tiny sticks). cotton wool, if no red ink you can use animal blood.

2. Use white glue o create the wound surrounding.

3. Wait for the glue to dry.

4. Use tooth pick to create the wound area.

5. Use a dishwasher pad to spread the extra glue.

6. Use little drop of red ink to create the outside scratched area.

7. Use cotton pad with red ink (not too much) to strengthen the surrounding scratched area.

8. When dry, half done.

9. Use tooth pick to spread the glue to create the broken skin.

10. Use red ink to put at the inside of the glue.

11. Some place with more and some with less ink. Then will look more real.

12. Wait to dry.